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Winter 2017 Dance Class Schedule

January 16, 2017 - April 7, 2017
 FREE DEMO WEEK January 16-20 (all instructional classes FREE and open to everyone)

ClassDemo ClassDayStart DateEnd DateStart Time
(one hour class)
Ballet Classic Stretch and Strength I  Jan. 17 Tuesday Jan. 24 Apr. 4 5:00-5:30pm(30 min class) RAC Studio I
Ballet - I Jan. 17 Tuesday Jan. 24 Apr. 4 5:30pm RAC Studio I
Ballet Classic Stretch and Strength II Jan. 17 Tuesday Jan. 24 Apr. 4 6:30-7:00pm(30 min class) RAC Studio I
Ballet - II Jan. 17 Tuesday Jan. 24 Apr. 4 7:00pm RAC Studio I
Salsa II Jan. 17 Tuesday Jan. 24 Apr. 4 7:00pm MAC Topline
Jazz Jan. 17 Tuesday Jan. 24 Apr. 4 8:00pm RAC Studio I
Hip Hop Jan. 18 Wednesday Jan. 25 Apr. 5 5:30pm RAC Studio I
Contemporary/Lyrical  Jan. 18 Wednesday Jan. 25 Apr. 5 6:30pm RAC Studio II
Jumps, Turns & Tricks Jan. 18 Wednesday Jan. 25 Apr. 5 7:30pm RAC Studio II
Burlesque Jan. 19 Thursday Jan. 26 Apr. 6 5:30pm RAC Studio II
Salsa - I Jan. 19 Thursday Jan. 26 Apr. 6 7:15pm MAC Topline
Bachata Jan. 20 Friday Jan. 27 Apr. 7 6:30pm RAC Studio II
Ballroom Jan. 20 Friday Jan. 27 Apr. 7 5:30pm RAC Studio II

Note: There are no classes during reading week February 20-26, 2017.

 Ryerson Full-Time Students and RAC/MAC Members $80+HST ($40 for 30 minute classes)

*Non-Members $150 ($75 for 30 minute classes); Non-Members must purchase a $20 OneCard to allow for RAC & MAC access

Register for all Instructional Programs at the RAC or the MAC or online here.

Instructional Class Promotion: Purchase your FIRST class at regular price and receive your SECOND class at 50% off. Promotional offer expires Thursday, January 26, 2017.

Ballet I

Description: This class is an introduction to ballet or for those with basic ballet experience who would like to master the fundamentals.  Improve your co-ordination and flexibility by learning the art of ballet.  The class will help develop body alignment, posture, balance and elegance by utilizing on-barre stretches and choreography, as well as development of the feet and turnout.

Ballet II

Description: This intermediate/advanced level is created for any dancer with a good understanding of ballet technique and 2 or more years of experience.  The class expands upon the fundamentals of Ballet technique using simple combinations that allow students to focus on perfecting their technique, musicality and movement.  As the class progresses students are challenged with more complex combinations and choreography in this graceful art form.

Ballet Strength and Stretch - I & II

Description: Tone your entire body with this ballet barre based conditioning class. With an emphasis on sculpting a long lean and strong body as seen on the professionals. This class will use the ballet barre, free weights, stretch and gravity based strength training. This program is recommended for anyone at any level wishing to increase their strength, flexibility and posture and is an excellent add on for any student taking dance classes. In addition, this class can double as an excellent warm-up tool prior to any Ballet class, giving the muscles and joints the needed attention they require to move with strength and grace. *Note: this is a half hour class


Description: Taught by Canadian Latin Bronze Medalist Jone Lam & Canadian Latin Dancesport Finalist Kristina Kulikova. Fast, easy, and fun to learn, Bachata is a popular dance style in the exciting world of Latin dancing being played in all Salsa nightclubs!  Originating from the Dominican Republic, bachata is fun and flirty with quick but simple Dominican footwork.  A dance partner is not required when registering for this class. 

Ballroom - Waltz, Swing & Cha Cha

Description: Taught by Canadian Latin Bronze Medalist Jone Lam & Canadian Latin Dancesport Finalist Kristina Kulikova, this class will get you well on your way to dancing the flirty Cha Cha, the exciting American Swing and last but not least, the elegant English Waltz!  If you have always wanted to learn ballroom dancing, but didn’t know where to start, this class is for you.  We will go through the foundation step patterns for each dance, ensuring we dance to full tempo and switch partners to learn the various leaf/follow roles of each dance. Cha Cha - is a cheeky dance, with quick and precise rhythms with a sexy Latin flavour. Waltz - is a timeless, elegant and sophisticated dance taking you back to the ballrooms filled with English aristocracy. Swing - takes roots from American Rock & Roll, Blues and Lindy hop, with its quick footwork, fabulous jumps, kicks and dips and is sure to have you worked up and ready to dance long after the class is over. No partner required, no experience required, but experienced dancers also welcome! 


Description: Learn the art of the tease!  However, this isn’t your feather boas and tassels burlesque, rather it’s a modern burlesque dance class with a little bit of an R&B and Hip Hop influence.  Think... Burlesque with a little Beyonce and little bit Pussy Cat dolls thrown in.  This burlesque inspired dance class is designed to thoroughly break down movements and combos in a fun way set to sexy music that will make you want to strut!  Great for getting in shape and having fun!  High heels are recommended but not required.  Female registrants only.


Description: So You Think You Can Dance?  This lyrical dance class is designed for those with intermediate/advanced experience in ballet, jazz, or lyrical who want to challenge themselves with a greater emphasis on more intricate floor work, progressions, combinations and advanced choreography that interprets the music, words and the emotion of the music with fluidity and more precise technique!  The class is set to popular music guaranteed to bring out your inner dancer!

Hip Hop

Description: This is a high energy class highlighting Hip Hop and Funk moves linked into a progressive routine taught to a compilation of popular Hip Hop and R&B music.


Description: Receive instruction and exercise your creative side too!  Experience a mix of styles and techniques.  Some dance experience is recommended.

Jumps, Tricks and Turns

Description: A technique class dedicated to learning, improving and perfecting technique in jumps, turns/spins, kicks and tricks, along with the core work and the strength and conditioning that is crucial in developing these skills.  This class will teach students how to properly prepare for each movement safely to prevent injury to the body.  Jumps, turns and tricks adds to the foundation of all other forms of dance.  Get ready to leap through the air and spin like a top!  This is an open level class.

Salsa I

Description:Students will learn this fun, flirty and energetic Latin nightclub social dance that they can take straight to the dance floor! Class covers the basic steps and combinations, along with Salsa’s signature spins and turns leaving you with a workout that feels “fantastico”! A dance partner is not required when registering for this class.

Salsa II

Description:Hot moves and rhythms from this spicy Latin dance tradition is the perfect way to steam up your evenings! Szzzzzzzzzzz! Add creativity and flare and expand your previous knowledge of Salsa by learning more intricate footwork combinations and turn patterns guaranteed to impress on the dance floor! A dance partner is not required when registering for this class. Previous experience or Salsa - I is required.