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Winter 2018 Dance Class Schedule

January 22, 2018 - April 6, 2018

ClassDayStart DateEnd DateStart Time
(1 hour class)
Floor Tricks Monday January 22 April 2 5:00pm RAC Studio I
50's Rock n' Roll Jive Monday January 23 April 3 7:00pm MAC Topline Studio
Improv Tuesday January 23 April 3 4:00pm RAC Studio I
Ballet Stretch and Strength Tuesday January 23 April 3 5:00-5:30pm(30 min class) RAC Studio I
Ballet - I Tuesday January 23 April 3 5:30pm RAC Studio I
Ballet - II Tuesday January 23 April 3 6:30-8:00pm(90 min class) RAC Studio I
Heels Tuesday January 23 April 3 6:30pm RAC Studio II
Salsa Tuesday January 23 April 3 7:00pm MAC Topline Studio
Jazz Tuesday January 23 April 3 8:00pm RAC Studio I
Theatrical Jazz Wednesday January 24 April 4 5:00pm RAC Studio II
Hip Hop - I Wednesday January 24 April 4 6:00pm RAC Studio II
Hip Hop - II Wednesday January 24 April 4 7:00pm-8:30pm (90 min class) RAC Studio II
Jazz Funk Thursday January 25 April 5 4:00pm RAC Studio II
Contemporary/Lyrical Thursday January 25 April 5 5:00pm RAC Studio I
West Coast Swing Friday January 26 April 6 4:30pm RAC Studio I
Ballroom (Ramba, Foxtrot, Tango) Friday January 26 April 6 5:30pm RAC Studio I
Bachata Friday January 26 April 6 6:30pm RAC Studio I

30 Minute Class - Ryerson Full-Time Students and Recreation Members: $42.50 + HST; Non-Members: $80 + HST; Non-Members must purchase a $30 OneCard to allow for RAC & MAC access

60 Minute Class - Ryerson Full-Time Students and Recreation Members: $85 + HST; Non-Members: $160 + HST; Non-Members must purchase a $30 OneCard to allow for RAC & MAC access

90 Minute Class - Ryerson Full-Time Students and Recreation Members: $127.50 + HST; Non-Members: $240 + HST; Non-Members must purchase a $30 OneCard to allow for RAC & MAC access

Register for all Instructional Programs at the RAC or the MAC or online here.

Note: There are no classes during reading week, February 19-25, 2018.

Instructional Class Promotion: Purchase your FIRST class at regular price and receive your SECOND class at 50% off. Promotional offer expires February 1, 2018.

Ballet Stretch and Strength

Description: Tone your entire body with this ballet barre based conditioning class. With an emphasis on sculpting a long lean and strong body as seen on the professionals. This class will use ballet barre, free weights, gravity based strength training and will incorporate stretching. This program is recommended for anyone at any level wishing to increase their strength, flexibility and posture and is excellent add on for any students taking dance classes. In addition, this class can double as an excellent warm-up tool prior to any Ballet class, giving the muscle and joints the needed attention they require to move with strength and grace. *Note: this is a half hour class.   

Ballet I

Description: This class is an introduction to ballet or for those with basic ballet experience who would like to master the fundamentals. Improve your co-ordination and flexibility by learning the art of ballet. The class will help develop body alignment, posture, balance, and elegance by utilizing on-barre stretches and choreography, as well as development of the feet and turnout. 

Ballet II

Description: This intermediate/advance level is created for any dancer with a good understanding of ballet technique and 2 or more years of experience. The class expands upon the fundamentals of Ballet technique using simple combinations that allow students to focus on perfecting their technique, musicality and movement. As the class progresses students are challenged with more complex combinations and choreography in this graceful art form. *Note: this is a 90 minute class.


Description: Taught by Canadian Latin Bronze Medalist Jone Lam & Canadian Latin Dancesport Finalist Kristina Kulikova. Fast, easy, and fun to learn, Bachata is a popular dance style in the exciting world of Latin dancing being played in all Salsa nightclubs!  Originating from the Dominican Republic, bachata is fun and flirty with quick but simple Dominican footwork.  A dance partner is not required when registering for this class.

Ballroom - Ramba, Foxtrot & Tango

Description: Taught by Canadian Latin Bronze Medalist Jone Lam, this class will get you well on your way to dancing like the best! Ramba -  sometimes known as the ‘Latin Waltz' for it's super smooth stylings. Today ramba is a fun, sassy latin-style of ballroom dance that fits nicely with most modern types of music. It is danced to slow, sensual music with a Latin beat and features a hip action known as “Cuban Motion.”  It is also known for it's sharper movements, swaying hips, and lots of attitude! Foxtrot - a staple at weddings and one of the most popular ballroom dances out there, Foxtrot is a smooth dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.  Tango - characterized as a powerful and passionate dance, the tango is a revered form of art that will have you turning heads. In all the dances, you will learn the basic steps & patterns, work on timing, leading and following, with a strong focus on socializing and having fun! This class will help participants become great social dancers!  All dances are set to today's current and most popular hits!  A dance partner is not required when registering for this class.


Description: So You Think You Can Dance? This contemporary dance class is designed for those with intermediate/advanced experience in ballet, jazz, or contemporary/lyrical who want to challenge themselves with greater emphasis on more intricate floor work, progression, combinations and advanced choreography that interprets the music, words and the emotions of the music with fluidity and more precise technique! This class is set to popular music guaranteed to bring out your inner dancer!

Floor Tricks

Description: This class will bring you to a deeper level of understanding body alignment, weight shifting, placement, and release technique. Each exercise is precisely instructed and broken down allowing the student to visually understand the material before physically executing it. Develop core strength, new movement vocabulary and proper safety to execute tricks to, from, and on the floor. This class is a compliment to any dance background or concentration. Long sleeves and pants are HIGHLY recommended.


Description: Have you ever wondered how Beyoncé got so fierce? Do you love the Pussycat Dolls attitude? Then this is the class for you. Set to today's hip hop, R&B, and alternative music, Heels is all about having fun, building your confidence, embracing your femininity, and bringing out your inner sass! Heels are optional, however heels worn must have ankle support. No dance experience necessary! Female registrants only.

Hip Hop - I

Description: This is a high energy class highlighting Hip Hop and Funk moves linked into a progressive routine taught to a compilation of popular Hip Hop and R&B music. 

Hip Hop - II

Description: The sequel class to Hip Hop I; this class allows you to further explore Hip Hop and Funk moves through new, more complex routines.


Description: This is an open leveled class that will focus on experimenting with movement dynamics. Dancers are able to explore space and time, through the torso, floor-work, and moving across the floor. Dancers will be able to create their own abstract shapes and lines while refining modern incorporated technique. In a supportive environment, we will be push the development of becoming your own individual artist.


Description: Receive instruction and exercise your creative side too! Jazz is a dance form that appeals to everyone because of its energetic and fun characteristics. Experience a mix of styles and techniques. Some dance experience is recommended.

Jazz Funk

Description: This class is designed to bring out your inner diva and star performance quality. It is a beginners class that focuses on confidence building while being fierce and bold. Jazz Funk takes elements of hip hop, street jazz and sensual diva-like energy. You get to be your own music industry star and forget everything else. This genre of dance gives you the chance to release sassiness and dance fiercely. 


Description: Students will learn this fun, flirty, and energetic Latin nightclub social dance that they can take straight to the dance floor! Class covers the basic steps and combinations, along with Salsa's signature spins and turns leaving you with a workout that feels “fantastic”! All levels welcome! A dance partner is not required when registering for this class. 

Theatrical Jazz

Description: Do you love movies like Chicago & Burlesque? Then welcome to Theatrical Jazz! This class focuses on jazz dance through the ages, set to the modern songs we love. You'll learn the fundamentals of some beginner jumps and turns with a focus on musicality and presentation. Some dance experience is recommended. 

50's Rock N' Roll Jive

Description: This class is guaranteed to get a smile on your face with this lively dance style! A solid introduction to rock n' roll jive. You will learn the basic movements and familiarize yourself with 50's rock n' roll jive style and music. Our strong emphasis on FUN and also technique, concepts and useful exercises make it easy for you to build a solid foundation to your dancing. No partner or experience required.

West Coast Swing

Description: West Coast Swing is smoother in style and danced to almost every kind of groovy music including R&B, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Blues, Old School, and even Rock. It is a dance allowing for personal expression for both leader and follower, allowing you to style it up any way you like… funky, sexy, sassy, or fun. Known for its fun rhythm changes and playful syncopations this is a great dance to have in your social repertoire. No partner or experience required!