All participants must meet the eligibility rules. The rules of Ryerson Intramurals are intended to ensure that play is safe and enjoyed by all participants. Please consult the Intramural website for a full description of policies and rules governing the Intramural program.


  1. All Convenor's or official's rulings are final. Abusive language towards the officials or other players will not be tolerated and the individual may be ejected at the Convenor's discretion, and further suspension will be decided by the Intramural Coordinator or Head Convenor.
  2. All games will take place in the Kerr Hall Gym.
  3. A team on the court shall consist of a maximum of eight players.
  4. Matches are 30 minutes and follow a best 2 of 3 format. A single game will last no longer than 10 minutes when the team with the most players remaining on the floor wins the game. Sudden death overtime will only be used for playoff games.
  5. The teams will play elimination dodgeball. Once a player is eliminated they cannot come back into the game.
  6. Dodgeballs are not to be thrown above the shoulders. If someone is hit above the shoulders they are not eliminated unless they are in a crouched or prone position.
  7. If the dodgeball makes contact with a "dead" surface (walls, ceiling, floor, another dodgeball) then hits a player they are not eliminated.
  8. If the dodgeball makes contact with a player or multiple players and then hits a dead surface, those player(s) are eliminated.
  9. If a player catches a dodgeball that is thrown at them, the person that threw it is eliminated.
  10. Each game will begin with a faceoff. Teams must begin lying on the ground and can only move for the dodgeballs once the whistle is blown. Before a player can throw a dodgeball at the opposing team the ball must touch that players' far wall.
  11. Players/teams are not to cross the centre court line and stay within their own teams' area. A first infraction will lead to a general warning and subsequent violations will result in players being eliminated from the game.
  12. A player cannot hold two balls at one time.
  13. A player has 10 seconds once receiving the ball to get rid of it. They can bounce the ball and have another 10 seconds. If the official at their discretion feels that the player is delaying the game or stalling they can warn that player to throw the ball and or eliminate them.
  14. Any participants fighting will be a) automatically ejected b) serve a one game suspension.


  1. Teams are required to pay a $60.00 bond when they submit their team entry form. This bond will be fully refunded at the end of the semester as long as the team has not defaulted or been fined for anything during the season. Team captain can come pick up the bond at the end of the semester.
  2. The team will be charged $30.00 if their team default a game and will be removed from the league after 2 defaults, on separate nights. The defaults will be removed from the bond teams submitted at the start of the season.

Standard Stuff, (eligibility, playoffs, etc.):

  1. Following the regular season schedule, the champion will be declared based on a single elimination tournament.
  2. To play in playoffs you must have played in 50% of all league games.
  3. A player may not play for two teams. In the case of a dispute, the 1st game sheet that the players name appears on will count as their original team.
  4.  If a player is playing for more than one team, the 2nd team using the player forfeits any wins or ties, in which the illegal player played.
  5. If a team is found to be using an ineligible player (a non student or non RAC member), then the team is removed from the league for the remainder of the season.
  6. Players that are injured during the regular season must come see the convenor or Intramural Co-ordinator to be considered eligible for the playoffs
  7. All uniforms and team names must be appropriate and receive approval from the Intramural Coordinator, as well as fit all policies of Ryerson University.