**Important: You must register and pay entry bond/fee FIRST to claim team spot**

  1. Team captain MUST come to the RAC (Recreation Athletic Centre) or MAC (Mattamy Athletic Centre) to  register the team spot & pay the team bond in our CLASS system
    • Team registration is first-come, first served, by paying their entry bond and securing their team spot in the sport and division they choose. Spaces will not be held for teams!!!
    • Team bond/fee must be paid to complete registration.
    • Team Captain will not need names of team members and student #'s at this point
    • We will need the Team Captain to give a team name and his contact information (email and phone) to secure a team spot
  2. Captain creates their IMLeagues account if not done already by going to and the intramural registration page or by going directly to and following the steps of creating an account and then creating your team
  3. Captain creates their team on IMLeagues in the same division they registered & paid for.  

    • Do not create your team on IMLeagues until you have registered and paid for the team spot, as outlined in step 1.
      • Captains must take the mandatory quiz and get perfect for the team registration to go through on IM Leagues.
      • Once team created, captain invites/adds team members to join their team via email invite.  This is mandatory so we know the participants on your team.

To create an IMLeagues account:

Important: You must create account on IM Leagues and enter team players within 24 hours of registering team spot

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on "Create Account". View the video tutorial
  3. Enter all information, and be sure to use your email address. 
    • For participants trying to use, email addresses it will require authorization by our staff.
  4. Click the activation link you will receive within 24 hours of creating your account.

To create a team with IM Leagues:

  1. Register your team as outlined above.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Click the "Ryerson University" link at the top of the page.
  4. Click the sport/league you wish to join.
  5. Click the green "Register/Signup" button, then click "Create Team".
  6. Complete the "Captains Quiz".'
  7. Choose the division you want to enter.
    • Be sure to pick the same division as you registered/paid for.  Changing divisions at this point is not permitted.
  8. Enter the required info.  We suggest you leave "auto approve members" as NO, so you can control who is on your team.
  9. Create your team by inviting your teammates to IM Leagues to join your team.   The IM Leagues site will email your team members that you enter to be a part of your team.

YouTube tutorial on how to create your team in IM Leagues


  1. Individuals interested in joining an intramural league must come in and fill out a paper Free Agent form.
  2. They must submit that form to the RAC (Recreation Athletic Centre) or MAC (Mattamy Athletic Centre) front desk staff.   They will enter you into our system.
  3. Depending if we get enough registration for that specific sport we will create a team of Free Agents or place you on a team that is requesting players.  WE CANNOT GUARANTEE a spot into the league at this point
  4. If we get you onto a team or we create a team of free agents into the league, you will be required to set up your IM LEAGUES account of which you will be invited to from a team captain and then follow the steps of creating your account which are on the site.


Free Agent Intramural Ice Hockey Registration
If you are registering for intramural Ice Hockey or Womens Ice Hockey, you must submit the registration form and pay the fee,  $160 Ice Hockey  $140 for Womens Ice Hockey