All participants must meet the eligibility rules.  All Ryerson Women Students are welcome to come and participate on Wednesday nights when the program is running.   You can register as an individual or as a group.


We want to get more women involved in intramurals and participating to have fun and enjoyment in a safe environment and social atmosphere.   Here at Ryerson we have a huge discrepancy of students within our Intramural program (women to men ratio) and so our hope is to change that.  

*Women who play sports have a more positive body image and experience higher states of psychological well-being than women who do not play sports

*Women who play and are active have higher levels of confidence and self-esteem and lower levels of depression.


Our hope is to target all women interested in getting active and wanting to participate in a variety of sports.   All program years and anyone interested in getting involved.   We really wish to target first year students as habits formed and connections made in first year are more likely to persist across a student's time at University.  Overcoming barriers to participation amongst women in their first year has potential to have a lasting and positive impact


You can register as an Individual, group, bring a friend.  There is no commitment in that you are invited any weeks and we will form teams with the group that is present for that week and that sport activity.   Our hope is you coming frequently and week by week to enjoy the variety of sports that we will be participating in


It will be a residence focused but all intramural women participants are welcome, wherein our intramural sports program runs a league/ tournament experience exclusively for women in residence and at the university.

           1.  The intramural program is going to provide staff to organize and officiate the different sports    
            each evening.  They will explain the sport at the start of each evening form teams with who is      
            present and officiate and answer questions that participants have.

  1. 2.  There will be a general meeting on Wednesday September 26 at 5:30 p.m. to meet and greet participants interested in being involved and get some of their feedback as to what sports and activities they wish to play.

    3.  Our original plan is to play 4-5 different sports throughout the semester and have a final tournament of participants choice of sport to play

    4.  Sports we are thinking of playing will include, basketball, soccer, curling, volleyball, indoor ultimate, dodgeball, badminton.  

    5.  We are also hoping to have 1 evening that is geared towards Unified Sports, which is partnering up with the Special Olympics and having their athletes mixed with our athletes to participate in a sport activity

    6.  You will pick up points as an individual throughout the semester and their will be lots of prizes for participants at the end of the semester.   You will accumulate points for just being present, sportsmanship, participation, wins, etc.   

    7. Ultimately we want as many women coming out to socialize, participate and most of all HAVE FUN!!!!


    For this program you can register as an individual by filling out the FREE AGENT form, then we will get you logged into IM leagues where we will communicate information and any details regarding Women in Sport