Trans Awareness Month: November 2018

TAM 2017 Flag RaisingIn partnership with Positive Space at Ryerson, we invite you to participate in the programs highlighted below, one part of the broader Trans Awareness Month events happening this November.

Trans Inclusion in Athletics & Recreation

We know that sport spaces and communities have a long history of being unwelcoming to and unsafe for 2SLGBTQ members of our community, and especially trans folks (see 'Unsafe Spaces' in Egale's Every Class in Every School report). In an effort to build a more welcoming community, our staff are trained in 2SLGBTQ inclusive principles, and all gender change spaces and programs are available.

While we are committed to ensuring all of our programs and spaces are welcoming and inclusive, we're proud to offer the programs and initiatives outlined below as a special 'welcome' during Trans Awareness Month 2018.

Looking for an ally? If you have questions or concerns about joining our community, navigating new spaces and programs or otherwise, and would like to connect with an ally prior, please contact our Recreation Manager, Andrew Pettit, at or 416-970-5000 x7132. 

Weekly ‘Trans & Allies' Group Fitness Classes

Dance Fire Group Fitness classes are free to students, members, day pass holders and anyone joining us for a free 'Welcome' visit throughout November. Instructors are trained in inclusive principles and classes have been designated and announced as part of our ‘Trans & Allies' series.

Weekly 'Trans & Allies' Schedule in November: Class Descriptions

  • Wednesdays @ 12:10-12:50pm, Zumba with Geethanjali (RAC 2 Gym)
  • Thursdays @ 12:10-12:50pm, Bosu Body with Dione (RAC 2 Gym)
  • Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm, Masala Bhangra with Alan (MAC Topline Studio)
  • Fridays @ 12:10-12:50pm, Dance Fire with Dione (RAC 2 Gym)

Free 'Welcome' Visits

A chance to try a new sport, recreation and wellness community before you commit to a membership is an opportunity welcomed by many. Given past experiences of violence and harrassment in spaces like ours, we know this can be especially true for 2SLGBTQ and specifically trans folks.

In honour of Trans Awareness Month, we're excited to invite you - and everyone, of all gender identities and expressions - to take advantage of a free trial visit throughout November 2018.

  • Guests are asked to visit one of our service desks in the RAC or MAC to sign-up for a free 'welcome' visit as part of our November promotion
  • Staff will be happy to provide an overview on and guide you to spaces and programs
  • You will be asked to sign a participation waiver before entering

Ryerson Undergraduate & Graduate Students: Your membership is included in your tuition fees - just tap your OneCard at the RAC or MAC!

Inclusive & Accessible Change Spaces

In keeping with Ryerson's broader efforts to create safe and accessible washroom spaces for trans and gender diverse members of our community, we respect everyone's right to choose the change space and washroom that is appropriate for them. In addition to our traditional women's and men's spaces, the following options are available to all members of our community.

Special thanks to the RSU's Trans Collective for their advocacy in making our spaces and programs more inclusive.

Beyond Trans Awareness Month

November is an important month to recognize, support and celebrate trans communities, but we're here for and committed to making you - and everyone - feel welcome and safe all year long. 

If you have questions or concerns about any of our programs or facilities, or extending any of the special offers above beyond one visit or the month of November, please contact our Recreation Manager, Andrew Pettit, at or 416-970-5000 x7132.