All participants must meet the eligibility rules. The rules of Ryerson Intramurals are to ensure that play is safe and enjoyed by all participants. All regular CVA rules apply except where noted. Please consult the Intramural Website for a full description of policies and rules governing the Intramural program.  


  1. Games are played Mondays, 6:00pm - 11:00pm in RAC. Games are scheduled in 30 minute intervals. Maximum playing time is 24 minutes. Officials may award a point or side out, if a team intentionally delays the game.
  2. Teams scheduled to play in the first time slot are expected to assist in set up. The teams in the final game of the evening on each court are responsible for ball return and net take down.
  3. Net is set to women's varsity height (2.24m).
  4. Teams get 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.
  5. A defaulted game is recorded as 15-0.  Two defaults in one season and the team will be removed from the league.
  6. The game will consist of a best 2 sets out of 3, with a 21 point rally point scoring system.  Play is capped at 24 points. A third game will be to 15 points, with a cap at 17. If the game runs out of time, the team with the most points accumulated will be declared the winner.
  7. A tiebreaker game will only be played if there is at least 5 minutes remaining in the schedule. The teams will play the remaining 5 minutes and when the time expires, if a winner has not been decided, the accumulated scores from each team will count towards their point differential.
  8. Any match in which the two teams fail to fully finish play will be decided based on point differential between the teams.
  9. A team consists of 3 players on the court at once. One player must be a female. No team may play with less than 2 people, which can be of the same gender.
  10. Men must hit from behind the attack line.
  12. All over passes, with the exception of first ball after a serve, must pass the attack line in the opposing team's court.
  13. THE SERVE.
    (i) First serve decided by rock, paper, scissors.
    (ii) There is no limit to the number of serves an individual can make.
    (iii) One foot must be in contact with the ground when the serve is made therefore jump serves are NOT legal. Overhead, underhand and windmill serves are legal.
    (iv) The server must wait for the referee's whistle to begin. Server must have both feet behind the end line until ball leaves hand.
    (v) No blocking the serve.
  14. Directing, palming and holding the ball violations are subject to the judgment of the referee.
  15. All official rulings are final.  Abusive language towards the officials or other players will not be tolerated and the individual may be ejected at the official's discretion.  Further suspension will be decided by the Intramural Coordinator and Head Convenor.
  16. The baskets, backboards and bleachers are out of bounds.
  17. Any participants fighting will be a) automatically ejected from the game, b) serve a one game suspension and c) the offending player's team will have a $40.00 fine charged to their team which must be paid before the team will be allowed to play next game.


  1. Teams are required to pay a $60.00 bond when they submit their team entry form.  This bond will be fully refunded at the end of the semester as long as the team has not defaulted or been fined for anything during the season. Team captain can come pick up the bond at the end of the semester.
  2. The team will be charged $30.00 if their team defaults a game and will be removed from the league after 2 defaults, on separate nights.  The defaults will be removed from the bond teams submitted at the start of the season.
  3. In the event no referee is present, at the discretion of both teams, self officiating may be done. In this case, please know the rules to avoid disputes.

Standard Stuff, (eligibility, playoffs, etc.):

  1. Following the regular season schedule, the champion will be declared based on a double elimination tournament.
  2. To play in playoffs you must have played in 50% of all league games.
  3. A player may not play for two teams. In the case of a dispute, the 1st game sheet that the players name appears on will count as their original team.
  4. If a player is playing for more than one team, the 2nd team using the player forfeits any wins or ties, in which the illegal player played.
  5. If a team is found to be using an ineligible player (a non student or non RAC member), then the team is removed from the league for the remainder of the season.
  6. A team is allowed one varsity member on a team.  If the team is caught with more than one varsity member that team will forfeit that game and be warned.  If it happens again the team will forfeit that game and will be ejected from the league.
  7. Players that are injured during the regular season must come see the convenor or Intramural Coordinator to be considered eligible for the playoffs.
  8. All uniforms and team names must be appropriate and receive approval from the Intramural Co-ordinator, as well as fit all policies of Ryerson University.