All participants must meet the eligibility rules. The rules of Ryerson Intramurals are to ensure that play is safe and enjoyed by all participants. All regular CISA rules apply except where noted. Please consult the Intramural Website for a full description of policies and rules governing the Intramural program.  


  1. Games are played Thursdays, 6:00pm - 9:00pm in RAC I/II gyms and the Lower Gym.
  2. The referee is responsible for the game ball.
  3. A team is composed of 4 players - 3 forwards and one goalie.  A game may be played with a minimum of 3 players, and may carry a maximum of 12 players.
  4. Teams not ready to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled start shall default the game. Defaults are recorded as 1-0.
  5. Teams get 3 points for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss.
  6. A game consists of two – 19 minute halves with a two minute half‑time break.
  7. Free substitution prevails.  Players must leave and enter by their bench area.
  8. All players must be wearing shin guards in order to participate.
  9. The ball can be played off both end and side walls, including the overhang.  Out of bounds include any part of the backboard and basketball nets or area behind the benches.  An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team from the point of infraction or a drop ball if it goes off two opposing players.
  10. A goalie cannot pass the ball over centre, in the air, from inside his crease.
  11. The goalie is allowed to move freely on the court but can only pick up the ball within the crease area.
  12. There is no goalie pass-back. A goalie cannot pick up the ball if it is passed to them from a teammate.
  13. Players are not allowed to push off the wall when guarded. A warning or change of possession will be called at the discretion of the official.
  14. No slide tackling is allowed. A slide tackle shall result in a direct free kick and a yellow card warning.  A second offence shall result in a red card and ejection from the game.  At the discretion of the official.
  15. Goalies may leave their feet to stop the ball within their own crease only. If a goalie leaves their feet outside of the crease or ends up outside of the crease, the play will lead to a direct free kick for the opposition and may be subject to further penalty at the discretion of the game official.
  16. Players are not allowed to push off the wall to protect the ball but may do so for self protection.
  17. A hand ball shall result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team.  An intentional handball shall result in a warning to the offending team and an indirect free kick to the opposing team.
  18. A penalty shot shall be taken from the foul line of the key. The ball must be kicked directly from this point.  The goalie cannot move until the ball is struck. 
  19. The goalie may play the ball anywhere within the crease with any part of their body.  Players may also pass the ball back to their own goalie who may then handle the ball with any part of their body.
  20. Players may move freely through the goal crease so long as they do not interfere with the goaltender.
  21. A goalie has only 6 seconds to handle the ball in the crease. After 6 seconds the referee may call a delay of game and an indirect free kick may be awarded to the opposing team.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as behaviour contrary to providing a positive sports environment. Including but not limited to; fighting, swearing, excessive physical play, verbal attacks, harassment and damage to property.
  2. An official can send a player off, for misconduct but the team can send another player on, they will not play shorthanded.  The official will signal the player when they are able to come back into play.
  3. A penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the offending player(s) being removed from play for a time period at the discretion of the official. A substitute player may enter the game on behalf of the penalized player for the duration of the penalty. Offending players may also be issued a yellow card on the first offence.  If a player receives a second yellow card within the same game it will count as a red card resulting in an automatic ejection from the game and a subsequent one game suspension.
  4. An automatic red card can be issued to a participant if an infraction is deemed severe enough by the referee or the intramural coordinator/specialist.
  5. Any ejection or suspension due to unsportsmanlike conduct will be subject review by both the intramural coordinator/specialist and my carry additional penalties.
  6. At the discretion of the official he/she can issue a yellow card as a warning and if another incident occurs a red card is issued resulting in an ejection for that player from the game.  If the incident is serious enough, at the discretion of the referee he/she can issue a red card right away without a warning and that player is ejected from the game.  Anyone that is issued a red card will serve a one game suspension.  The official also has the right to send a player off for a penalty.  The team does not play shorthanded as another should come onto the field.
  7. All referees' calls are final.  Verbal threats and/or physical altercations with a referee or other game official will result in automatic suspensions for the year.  Further suspension will be decided by the Intramural Co-ordinator and Head Convenor.
  8. A zero tolerance policy regarding physical altercations, verbal threats or unsportsmanlike conduct is in effect. Any player demonstrating or participating in any of this behaviour will be subject to strict penalties.  Any participant leaving the bench to join an altercation will automatically be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.
  9. Any participants fighting will be a) automatically ejected from the game, b) serve a one game suspension and further suspension pending from the Intramural Coordinator and Committee.
  10. Further penalty resulting from a player's conduct is at the discretion of the Code of Conduct Committee.


  1. Teams are required to pay a $60.00 bond when they submit their team entry form.  This bond will be fully refunded at the end of the semester as long as the team has not defaulted or been fined for anything during the season. Team captain can come pick up the bond at the end of the during the season. Team captain can come pick up the bond at the end of the semester.
  2. The team will be charged $30.00 if their team default a game and will be removed from the league after 2 defaults, on separate nights. The defaults will be removed from the bond teams submitted at the start of the season.

Standard Stuff, (eligibility, playoffs, etc.):

  1. Following the regular season, a champion will be declared based on a single elimination tournament. 
  2. The Intramural Office reserves the right to realign teams between divisions in order to preserve an equal level of play amongst teams.
  3. To play in playoffs you must have played in 50% of all league games.
  4. A player may not play for two teams. In the case of a dispute, the 1st game sheet that the players name     appears on will count as their original team.
  5. If a player is playing for more than one team, the 2nd team using the player forfeits any wins or ties, in which the illegal player played.
  6. A team is allowed to register two varsity members on a team. If a team is caught using an illegible varsity player that team will forfeit that game and any previous games the player may have participated in.
  7. If a team is found to be using an ineligible player (a non-student or non RAC member), then the team is removed from the league for the remainder of the season.
  8. Players that are injured during the regular season must come see the convenor or Intramural Co-ordinator to be considered eligible for the playoffs.
  9. All uniforms and team names must be appropriate and receive approval from the Intramural Co-ordinator, as well as fit all policies of Ryerson University.