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Exceed your personal fitness and wellness goals with the guidance of a Certified Personal Trainer. Training programs are customized to address your unique fitness profile, enabling you to increase your fitness level as defined in partnership with your trainer.

With our coaching, guidance and motivation, you will not only feel more powerful but be empowered to do more and be more. Lose weight, reduce stress, boost your energy, look and feel better.

A Certified Personal Trainer will help you reach your goals and be your best. 


who needs personal training?

Everyone can benefit from personal training

Beginner Exercisers - learn correct exercise technique and the proper combination of cardio, resistance and flexibility training

Intermediate Exercisers - learn new techniques that will “shake up” your current program and advance you to the next level

Advanced Exercisers - achieve individual goals for success at a sport-specific event or new activity that requires a higher level of fitness

Rehabilitation - our trainers can work with your doctor, physiotherapist or other health care professional to get you off the injured list

Weight Loss - an added bonus of RAC personal training - nutritional counselling combined with an exercise program benefits people of all fitness levels

Personal Training Packages

Personal Training Sessions

Get one-on-one attention with a Certified Personal Trainer! It doesn’t matter what your level of ability is, an individualized workout plan will be created to help you attain your goals!  Your initial session is a consultation in order to determine your needs. You will also receive a complimentary body composition analysis (BIA). *Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

Member and student pricing

Number of SessionsPrice per Session Price per Session (2 persons)
$59.00 $89.00
15   $54.00 $79.00
25 $49.00 $69.00
50  $44.00 $59.00
Sessions are 60 minutes in length.  Price listed is the price for one session.

Non-member pricing

Number of SessionsPrice per Session Price per Session (2 persons)
$69.00 $99.00
15  $64.00 $89.00
25  $59.00 $79.00
50  $54.00 $69.00
Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Price listed is the price for one session.


*Purchase all Personal Training services at either RAC or MAC Front Desks.

*Refunds on any purchases of Personal Training services are available only within 10 days of purchase.  Refunds will be prorated based on sessions used and a $25.00 administrative fee will apply.

*All Personal Training services must be used within one year of date of purchase.

*Please email Nino Robles at or call 416-979-5000 ext: 4150 for more information.