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Note: There are NO classes when the university is closed on Monday, October 08 due to Thanksgiving and December 22, 2018- January 06, 2019 due to the Mid Year Holiday Break. 

Group Exercise Class Descriptions

All classes include a warm-up, core conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, and a stretch component unless otherwise indicated.

Ashtanga yoga, similar to Vinyasa Yoga, is a power flow yoga using continuous movements and breathing techniques. The class is taught through recurring sequences and through regular practice can lead the practitioner to a deeper level of awareness. 
Danced at the ballet barre and inspired by the dancer's physique! This class is dance meets bootcamp using a variety of dance movements with Pilates style exercises, stretch bands and hand weights to strengthen and lengthen your body while burning fat and working your optimum fitness level. Muscle sculpting, cardio training, core conditioning and deep stretching are all important components of a healthy well balanced class. With a strong emphasis on posture and alignment, improving balance, grace and coordination, Barre Bootcamp will have you sweating and moving to high energy and new music!
A functional whole body workout created in Switzerland by Robert Steinbacher which regards the human body as a functional unit of body, mind and soul. A bodyART™ class follows five different energy forms which are related to the five elements. By using exercises from therapy, strength and flexibility training combined with classical breathing techniques the body will be strengthened and stretched by the same time, stress will be released, back pain relieved and the posture and body awareness improved.
Feel the difference a muscle conditioning workout on the BOSU Balance Trainer can make! Stabilize as you strengthen and involve the core in every exercise you perform with the BOSU.  Take your muscle conditioning to an entirely new level!
Periods of intense cardio work are alternated with “active recovery” in the form of resistance based exercises to strengthen muscles!  This class uses every valuable second to keep you moving, burning calories and toning the entire body!
Formerly known as Abs & Butt. A killer muscle conditioning class focusing on the core and gluteus muscles!  No cardiovascular component, but you're still guaranteed to be huffing & puffing!
The NON-STOP dance fitness workout that combines easy to follow steps to today's hottest music, while infusing bursts of high intensity interval training, resistance training and core conditioning to make you not only have fun, but transform your body to see real RESULTS! 
In this sweaty bootcamp workout you'll get your butt kicked with a mix of equipment based and bodyweight only exercises.  This dynamic class combines cardio, functional training and conditioning exercises.  It's all about working hard, facing a challenge and getting results!  Get ready to blast every part of your body with an intense circuit training class!

This foundational yoga style is believed to be the original source of most modern yoga styles.  A more traditional style that uses classical yoga postures and stretches with focus on alignment and breath to develop flexibility and relaxation.  Breathing, meditation techniques, and guided imagery may also be taught depending on the instructor or the particular class focus.  Hatha yoga is an excellent style for participants who appreciate longer holds in individual postures and prefer a slower and more meditative approach.  A great choice for beginners and intermediate participants.
Heard of the program “Insanity” or Tabata Training?  “High Intensity Interval Training” is all the rage!  You will be lead through grueling metabolic condition sequences to get you fitter, faster!  This short but HIGHLY intense workout is guaranteed to provide results!  Train harder… but smarter!
A high energy Indian based Cardio dance workout that combines traditional folk dance with the exhilaration of Bollywood in an easy-to-follow fitness format.  This workout will help you burn calories, strengthen muscle and challenge your stamina all while doing something fresh, fun and exciting. This class is FREE for Ryerson Students! No Group Fitness Shoe Tag Required!
A cardio conditioning class done in a cycling format and set to motivating music, designed to get your heart rate elevated and you.... exhilarated as you experience an endorphin high!  *Note:  Spinning bikes must be reserved for use.
Spend approximately 40 minutes on the bike taking on any terrain... track, road, mountain, hills, flats, mixed in with some exciting drills... intervals, speedwork, cadence work, and isolated leg training, both on and off the saddle.  Then spend 20-30 minutes sculpting your body with weights.  End with a short stretch.  A perfect class fitting in all fitness components into a single jam packed workout!  *Note:  Spinning bikes must be reserved for use. 
Enjoy a 40-45 minute spinning component designed to test your physical and mental endurance, followed by a 5-10 minute full body stretch designed to give your muscles the TLC they deserve after a long hard ride!  Also, a great way to introduce spinning to your exercise routine. *Note: Spinning bikes must be reserved for use.
Ever been told that stairs are a great workout?  This class delivers a superb cardiovascular workout with the benefits of step training!  Choreography and patterns of both high and low intensity using aerobic step & risers are included.
Total Muscle Conditioning with many training tools to choose from!  This is a full body strengthening class including the core.  Training tools vary class to class to ensure variety, keep your muscles guessing and to prevent boredom.  Tools can include:  the Lebert Equalizer, dumbbells, body bars, tubing, stability balls, steps, mats and/or bodyweight.
Find out why so many celebrities of all ages like Jason Statham, Drew Brees, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, and Bryan Cranston use TRX training to get fit and shape their bodies.  The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises delivering a fast & effective total body workout.  In this class the TRX will be used in conjunction with many other fitness tools to create a MEGA circuit to challenging your body to its' max!  Cardio, strength and power all merge to give you a MEGA full body workout!
This is a high-energy, high-intensity circuit style training experience!  Break away from the conventional workout and challenge yourself with an authentic series of calisthenics and unconventional equipment - giant tires, sleds, battling ropes, sledge hammers, and so much more!  Develop stamina, power, strength, and burn calories!  This is functional training at its max! Monday Ultimate Workout is FREE for Ryerson Students! No Group Fitness Shoe Tag Required!
Vinyasa yoga is all about continuous movement, but more importantly matching movement with breath.  The pace can vary in this style of yoga but is often faster with posture sequences varying from class to class and/or instructor to instructor, but always with sound progression from basic to complex.  Special emphasis is placed on moving in and out of postures safely, correct alignment and connecting these movement with the breath.  The continual movements from one pose to another gives one an added cardiovascular benefit, creates heat and sweat to help release toxins in the body.  Physically, participants may also increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.  Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes the mind, reduces stress and helps to release energy blockages.  A favourite among intermediate and advanced participants or participants whom have difficulty with slower paced yoga styles; however Vinyasa yoga is also incredibly adaptable for all levels. Friday Vinyasa Yoga is FREE for Ryerson Students! No Group Fitness Shoe Tag Required!
This FREE yoga class is open to anyone wishing to practice yoga but is not registered in the Group Fitness program.  This class is a beautiful blend of Hatha & Vinyasa yoga whereby, traditional Hatha postures are linked into a sequence of movement that flow naturally with the breath and from one movement to the next to create a cardiovascular workout, heat in the body to deepen into a stretch or pose, and provides relaxation for the busy mind.  This is a multi-level yoga class.  Come Yoga Flow with us! This class is FREE for Ryerson Students! No Group Fitness Shoe Tag Required!
Gain the knowledge specific to weight training and the confidence to exercise effectively using proper form and technique. Instructed by a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, this class guarantees to get you on the right path to fitness all while having fun in a supportive environment! Everyone who identifies as a woman and/or trans person is welcome. In this case, trans refers to people who identify as transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, non-binary, genderqueer and/or gender diverse.
The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away! The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Group Exercise Policies

Class Guest Fee: Guest Fee:$8.00 with a member and $12.00 without (HST included). Please bring your receipt to the shoe tag monitor or instructor before class begins.

Spinning Participants: Spinning bikes must be reserved for use & a “Spin Tag” must be picked up at the front desk, prior to each class to gain admittance into a class.  Call the RAC Reservation Line at 416.979.5000 ext.7114 OR the MAC Reservation Line at 416.979.5339 to make a reservation.
Cancellations/Changes:  Athletics reserves the right to change facilities, class type and/or instructors, to cancel any activity with insufficient enrolment or to combine classes in which attendance falls below the required minimum.

Equipment: Available at the class location.