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Spring 2018 Fitness Class Schedule

April 30, 2018 - June 21, 2018

ClassDayStart DateEnd DateStart Time (1 hour class)Location
Kick Boxing Monday April 30 June 25 6:00pm RAC Studio I
Olympic Lifting Monday April 30 June 25 6:00pm MAC High Performance Area
Kettlebell Tuesday May 1 June 19 7:30am MAC Topline Studio
Older Adult Fitness (60+) Tuesday May 1 June 19 9:15am MAC Topline Studio
Kettlebell Thursday May 3 June 21 7:30am MAC Topline Studio
Older Adult Fitness (60+) Thursday May 3 June 21 9:45am MAC Topline Studio
Kick Boxing Thursday May 3 June 21 6:00pm RAC Studio I


60 Minute Class - Ryerson Full-Time Students and Recreation Members: $65 + HST; Non-Members: $130 + HST; Non-Members must purchase a $30 OneCard to allow for RAC & MAC access

Register for all Instructional Programs in-person at RAC or MAC.

Instructional Class Promotion: Purchase your FIRST class at regular price and receive your SECOND class at 50% off. Promotional offer expires May 10, 2018.


Description: Take your muscle conditioning to a whole new level with kettlebells!  This class is run as a circuit or bootcamp style class with focus on kettlebell technique and form to improve your cardio-respiratory fitness and power output as it bridges the gap between strength training and cardio. Modifications are provided for all levels so that everyone can succeed and see improvements! 

Kick Boxing

Description: This program combines the disciplines of Western and Thai Kick Boxing. Increase power, strength, focus, co-ordination and flexibility, as well as reduce stress levels with this ancient art form. Ranking and promoting of yellow through black belts can be done by instructor at the end of each semester if the participant chooses. For those interested in progressing their training and achieving results at a faster pace, attending both classes, twice a week, is recommended.

*Older Adult Fitness

Description: Older Adult Fitness classes are designed to help seniors and older adults maintain and increase their cardiovascular health, muscular strength and endurance, joint stability, coordination, agility, and flexibility in a low-impact and easy-to-follow format all while having a lively and cheerful time in a group setting. A chair is offered for support for those who need it.

* Each session runs for 8 weeks

* FEE: $64 + HST for each 8 week session

Olympic Lifting

Description: Olympic Lifting or Power lifting is comprised of three lifts the Clean, Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Olympic lifting strengthens the entire body simultaneously making more efficient use of your time in the gym. It aids in the development of greater power, strength, speed and coordination. The classes will utilize all three lights along with deadlights, their modification to stress different aspects of the lift. The goal is to work on the nuance of each lift by mastering the intricate form and technique each lift involves.